About Us  
  The people –The family has its roots for the last 5 centuries in Kuduge and Hire thotha, now settled in Gabadi. Mr.KT Krupal has been managing this beautiful property for the last 3 decades.

The place –This property has been with the family for last 75 years. The main section has been built in clay along with a modern dining area and teak wood ceiling. The Gabadi River Edge house interiors and garden has won over 20 yearly awards for its maintenance and beauty, handed over by the Tirathalli Taluk.

The Culture – The Yedehalli cart festival is a family managed ceremony. It takes place once a year in the month of May with a lot of ceremonies and fan fare. Guests travelling during that time of the year can experience this unique festive celebration. There is also an ancient Shiva temple within the premise which was unearthed only recently (100 years); which is prayed to every day.

The Tunga River – is a river in Karnataka state, southern India. The river is born in the Western Ghats on a hill known as Varaha Parvata at a place called Gangamoola. From here, the river flows through two districts in Karnataka - Chikmagalur District and Shimoga District. It is 147 km long and merges with the Bhadra River at Koodli, a small town near Shimoga City, Karnataka. The river is given the compound name Tungabhadra from this point on. The Tungabhadra flows eastwards and merges with the Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. The river is famous for the sweetness of its water. There is a belief that " Thunga panam Ganga snanum" which means we should drink the water of river thunga and take bath in river Ganga.

Plantation in the Estate- a variety of plantations gives it a rustic look. A few to mention are - coconut, paddy, Arecanut, rubber, pepper and Spices.

Weather – The maximum temperatures (38 degrees) is during the month of April and May and lows (20 degrees) during the month of December and January. Rainy seasons during the month of June, July and August are un-doubtingly a spectacle to watch.